Ministry Strategy

Mount Pleasant is endeavoring to carry out the work of that our Lord mandated in his Word. All church activities are organized under four foundational ministries. These ministries will service all members in the important spiritual areas of the Gospel, Prayer, Education, Evangelism and Outreach.


The Church's Prayer Ministry consists of the Thursday night prayer and praise service. A prayer ministry team is in constant prayer over the needs of the church, membership, community, city, state, nation and the world.

EDUCATION MINISTRY: Matthew 28:19-20

The Christian Education Ministry is the focal point of the entire education ministry of the church. This ministry will engage the services of members who have been given the gift of teaching by the Holy Spirit, to teach Church School, Bible classes and Christian Growth Seminars.


This ministry will use Lay persons who are led by the Holy Spirit to deliver a message to the world.  Mount Pleasant will equip Lay persons with the tool needed for delivering God's message. Their message will be delivered first at the local church, then community, city, state, nation and world.

EVANGELISM/Outreach MINISTRY: Matthew 25:34-40

This ministry is designed to reach those who never accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Members who participate in this ministry must be called by God to this important work. Training will be provided to equip those called to this service in the critical areas of evangelism and witnessing. This will enable them to go into the various communities to witness and urge persons to accept Christ as Savior.