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Bible Study. To teach the word of the Lord through the regular study of God's word concerning topics such as fasting, prayer, spiritual gifts, etc. Thursday Nite Takeover (TNT) is Bible study for ages 5-18. Wednesday's Bible study is designed primarily to meet the needs of senior adults.

Christian Education Ministry. To provide Biblical training which enables individuals to know God's love, to become Christian examples, and to love others as God loves them. The group strives to ensure that all teaching ministries within the church complement one another for the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ.

Church School. To enhance the spiritual growth of each believer through the regular study of God's Word as well as lead people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Classes are available for every age.

Ezekiel Missionary Ministry. This ministry's purpose it to further the cause of Christ by meeting personal, emotional and spiritual needs. All Christians have the responsibility for sharing the Good News of the Gospel and for being involved in meeting the needs of others. To this end, this ministry is responsible for leading the church in channeling missions information and stimulating personal concern for the spread of the gospel.
Grief Ministry. To render support and services for those persons who have experienced a loss of trust, security, health, divorce, loss of relationship or death of a loved one.

Liturgical Dance Ministry. The Ministry's primary focus is to bring the church into the presence of God during the worship experience. Not only should the dance ministry usher the congregation into the presence of God, but it should, through the Holy Spirit, elevate the level of praise and worship transforming lives for the cause of Christ.

Men's Ministry. To promote and encourage all men of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church to obtain and maintain a leadership role in the church, the family, and the community according to the Word and spirit of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Federal Credit Union (MPBCFCU). Mount Pleasant Baptist Church Credit Union was incorporated in 2000 with a Virginia State Charter.  The Credit Union is organized as an associational faith-based, with each member having one vote. All profits are returned to the members through lower interest rates and higher dividends. All Deposits are insured up to $100,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the U.S. Government.
Music Ministry. Spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through scripturally-based sacred music (i.e. hymns, anthems, spirituals, gospels, etc.). United; all Music Ministry members as one cohesive group that functions well within the church body. Each member will be trained in music theology and disciplines through workshops, seminars, music conventions and music literature. The ministry also strives to expose the congregation to a broad base of music through sing-along with the choirs, and to encourage potential musicians by developing skills and encouraging talents.
Senior Ministry "Golden Gems". This ministry provides a support and social organization for senior church members.

Ushers Ministry. To serve the church whenever there is a service or program. The nurses assist the congregation in medical situations, but do not dispense medicine.  

Women's Ministry. 
The Women's Ministry teaches women to build a personal relationship with God through prayer and the reading of God's word. The ministry strives to stimulate and motivate women to use their gifts, skills and resources to be of service to the church, community and family. To work with the pastor and other ministries of the Church to maintain a bible-based ministry that provides a safe nurturing environment conducive for spiritual growth. Monthly fellowship extends love, sisterhood and Biblical applications to various issues facing women today.

 Young Adults Ministry (YAM). 
To provide spiritual and practical training, and support to singles through spiritual nourishment, healthy Christian relationships, evangelism and Christian fellowship.

Youth Ministry. The Youth Ministry seeks to provide an overall program for Mount Pleasant Baptist Church youth and the community. Its mission is to provide a holistic ministry, which enhances the spiritual, social, and cultural development of our youth. In addition, it is to provide an avenue for our youth to display their individual talents. 
To further the spiritual development through the study of God's word, while showing them how they can apply biblical principles to their everyday experiences. The ministry also provides a worship experience geared to the level of their understanding and wherein they receive training in church etiquette. This ministry is multi-purpose providing leadership, guidance, and training. Further, the ministry provides opportunities for learning the role and responsibilities of church leaders as they relate to the administration of the church.